Kevin “Bloody” Wilson Winners


So after much deliberation and coin flipping, we finally decided that the two peeps that were most deserving of a double ticket set to the politically incorrect and hilariously funny Kevin Bloody Wilson were:

Gerald (because he is very clearly a rather big fan and will distract others from my girly laughter with his inappropriately loud chuckles)

Kerry (because her chosen life theme song was about getting drunk, which we can relate to and she said that she’d kill at least 3 of our fans- we like having you guys around)

As far as I am aware the show is almost entirely sold out (hurry to Computicket now) and I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited to see anything Australian… Ever.

A huuuuuugggggeeee thanks has to go out to Corporate Image and their awesomeness in hooking up MyCityByNight with some tickets to the event!

Winners will be mailed with ticket collection details a bit later today once I’ve confirmed them J

Doors open at 19:00 and the show starts at 20:15 (be late at your own peril, this is a comedy show)


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  1. MCBN! u boys rock! il see you at the show, and yes kenny, il drown out your laughter. BOOM!

  2. And here I thought threatening people with certain death wouldn't get me noticed! You guys rock, show was awesome!! I will get rat faced tonight and sing about cats!

    1. Didnt have a chance to meet you last night Kerry, what did you think of the show? Saw Gerald there and we both hosed ourselves! Veeeeerrrryyy un-PC! DILLIGAF 🙂

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