Kenyan man commits suicide after back to back Manchester United defeats

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It really is pretty difficult being a Manchester United fan these days. We’ve gone from glory, cups and triumph with Sir Alex to mid table lack luster performances with Moyes, hoping that he just needs some time to settle. The jokes have been flying in thick and fast with many of us Mancs having to suck it up and go to great lengths to avoid some of the stick (including going to bars less to watch games, now not knowing if we’ll be beaten by the team at the bottom of the league).

Now is when you’ll start seeing the real fans show their true colours, with many of the glory hunters, taking the easy way out by switching their support to another team, that is currently showing a run of form. Take the easy way out is definitely not what Kenyan Manchester United fan, John Jimmy Macharia did, after jumping from a seven story building to his death after United lost to Newcastle at the weekend.

According to the police chief of Nairobi County – Macharia had explained his mates that he just could not bear to see his beloved Red Devils lose twice in a row and then proceeded to jump out the window to his death.

All I know is that Moyes better start winning soon.

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