Kelloggs takes branding a little to far?

To me it just seems a little absurd, Kelloggs is taking branding to the next level. They have developed a strategy where they will use a new lazer technology which will brand each single corn flake with the Kelloggs logo.

Kellogg’s slogin is: If it says Kelloggs on the box, its Kelloggs in the box! which I think its pretty strong enough as it is!


Brand each one of there little flakes? that seems to me like they taking it just a little to far. I understand where they are coming from when they talking about the copying and the imitating of their products but still. Kellogg’s plans to produce a number one-off trial batches of the branded flakes to test the system and if things work out well, they will initiate this system onto their other well known brands such as Frosties, Special K, All Bran and Nutty Crunch. Imagine trying to brand Strawberry and Coco Pops like that, might be a little harder then expected! Although new technology will allow pretty much any shape and size to be printed onto something these days.

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  1. Kellogg's FTW, on 5fm they just did a Kellogg's test!

    they had 2 unmarked cereal bowls with Kellogg look a likes and one Kellogg's bowl, they did a test to see if the average person could differentiate between the taste of Kellogg's to the unmarked brands

    and 3 of 3 were new which were the real deal! 😀

    1. it is a very good idea, but I still think its taking things a little to far… Although they do have the market share and the capital to use technology like this. It will surely cost millions extra a year to print the logo onto each little flakes, but then again it will slow down the "copy cat" and "fake flake" brands trying to imitate them.

      So what does 5fm have to say about it Blair? thanks for the update man… 🙂

  2. yea its not like kelloggs really has to take out a loan to purchase the lazer, and if it slows down imitations of their brand then why not go for it!

    basically 5fm conducted a little test to see how easy it is to copy the look and taste of the kelloggs corn flake!

    But the 3 people that were involved could point out the "fake flakes".

    1. I could also tell the difference between the original corn flakes and fake flakes if someone put it infront of me. We'll see what happens I guess, but I still find it unnecessary!

  3. haha i heard this on 5fm but heard the end of it, thought they were taking the piss. oh my word, its a little extreme.

    1. When I heard it I thought the same… but did a little research and found out its for real… quite crazy actually, I do agree!!

  4. those pics looked a little photoshopped though… still though imagine what this could start?? You could have pictures of mooiness on your cereal in the morning… delicious 🙂

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