Keen To Petflix & Chill With Your Furry Child?

Keen To Petflix & Chill With Your Furry Child With These Specially Shot Pet-Friendly Movies?


This time of the year is fairly notorious for fireworks displays, which are pretty stressful for your furry little friends, mainly due to their sensitive sense of hearing. Thankfully, a UK company by the name of MORE THAN Pet Insurance decided partner up with animal behaviourist Karen Wild and vet Robert White-Adams to come up with a couple of movies that have been designed to help calm kitties and pooches down.

The pet insurer enlisted David Tennant to narrate two feature films called ‘Woofering Heights’ and ‘Peer Window’, which are shot in ways that aid the process of calming your animals down and include looping scenes of fish, swaying trees, rain droplets and rippling water.

‘Peer Window’ is set entirely within the confines of a window frame to appeal to a cat’s habit of staring out the window, while ‘Woofering Heights’ (what a name! haha) has a cast of sedentary dogs, is shot in a dog’s colour spectrum of blues and yellows and includes slow moving scenery, which helps calm dogs down (apparently).

How freaking awesome is that? All you need to do to reap the benefits of these films is:

  • Show the footage to your pet a number of times during the day when things are calm
  • Then during a stressful/load period of fireworks, just put the footage on again and they should be chilling right out

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