KDay 2011 at Val de Vie| Review

KDay 2011 had arrived… It was time to break my KDay virginity and make a mission out to the winelands for a day of sun, food, drinks and really good South African music. I had taken this whole thing fairly seriously- In the build up to KDay 2011 at Val de Vie Wine and Polo Estate, I made sure to listen to as much of the station located at 94.5 on the FM dial as possible, in order to familiarise myself with all the bands on the bill (and to score brownie points with Stacey Norman).


KDay 2011 took place at the beautiful Val de Vie Wine and Polo Estate in Paarl. Wow, it was the first time I managed to get out to the venue and I was utterly impressed by the manicured lawns and and generally picturesque vibe which would play host to one of South Africa’s premiere music festivals. The Cape Winelands are generally quite warm but this time round all those who got the bums down to the wine estate almost melted in the 44 degree sun. Yes 44 degrees. Even Satan wouldve digged to cruise with his AC on while coming to pick up one or two of those polo playing, model dating, You magazine posing dudes who frequented this very establishment.


The line-up for Kday was simply stellar and featured the likes of Prime Circle, Loyiso, Danny K, Flash Republic, La Vuvuzela  featuring Axene, GoodLuck, Chad Saaiman, Dr Victor and the Rasta Rebels, Freshlyground, Liquideep, Ard Matthews and Goldfish. I enjoyed pretty much all the acts (might have been the booze and heat) but there were definately a few in particular that stood out.

Chad Saaiman (pictured above with Stacey Norman) had the sometimes dubious honour of kicking KDay off at 10ish- and let me just say- he rocked it. Apart from getting people up and jamming at the front of the crowd, he had crystal clear delivery- even at 10am. La Vuvuzela were as naked as always and while they belted (haha see what I did there? They’re belters and I said… ag nevermind) out their set with the lovely Axene (who is 16, so I cant really say much if I want to stay on this side of the prison bars) they proceeded to do some of the craziest moves I have EVER seen. At one point they had their faces on the ground and their asses in the air- which to be fair was something they might be quite used to- but no less impressive.

Danny K got everyone jamming and even dropped a little old school DK with HEY SHORTY, complete with 1 and a half mega mix build up intro- legend. I’m not much of a rock fan but I have to give it to Prime Circle- they were extremely good and totally used pyrotechnics to get people amped.

Goodluck (pictured above) were simply sublime- and if you have any love for South African music you should do yourself a big favour and get the album when it comes out early next month- they ARE going to be our BIGGEST musical export sooner or later.

I think the biggest surprise for me had to be Dr Victor and the Rasta Rebels… I thought they only did that “I love to truck” song but I was jamming away to a full Bob Marley tribute vibe at the start of their set, continuing to do so while I enjoyed some of their other tracks while bathed in rather irie, green, red and yellow lighting. Yah maan.


This was by far the best run event I have ever been to… and that says alot.

From the ever-present and super friendly security to the much needed medical assistance (peeps were passing out from the 44 degree heat) – I had never before seen such a high level of customer focus. I wish they had provided a touch more on the cooling side though- I really felt bad for some of the kids and folks who were passing out and proposing to their ugly dates because of heat stroke.

Amber from KFM was running around like a crazy person to make sure that everything went down without a hitch and she even managed to come over and have a bit of a chat with the station’s favourite blogger (self-proclaimed) to make sure I was having a cool time. I even saw the 94.5KFM Programme Manager and general Mr Awesome Ian Bredenkamp directing peeps on his walkie talkie and writing things on his very official looking clipboard while the rest of management got loose in the VIP area… These peeps were serious about making the event a success.

Oh and I guess I should mention the food too- YUM. From Spur to the more swanky canapes available in VIP (waaah, name drop) there was more than enough available to keep everyone happy and fed!


There really isnt another music festival in South Africa where you can hear all of the most relevant and current musicians that receive airplay on local and sometimes International radio that you get when you fork over the crazy cheap price of R160 to get to KDay. I give it a full thumbs up, I was mad impressed. Even though I am at least 19 shades darker now (as if I needed it).

Get down there next year, or if you can hit up Joburg day coming up later this year for more of the same with 94.7 Highveld Stereo.

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  1. great article man! Very much agree an everything you said… Kday rocked even in the crazy heat.

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