Katy Perry gets fondled by fan on E at concert

katy perry fondled

Katy Perry recently performed in Brazil at Rock in Rio when she invited a fan up onto the stage (like she normally does at her concerts) to make memories that will last a lifetime. However, this time around the fan that she decided to call up to share the stage was completely shmangled on a couple of ecstacies .

Katy should’ve known that there was a real risk of this fan being deep into the rush, considering that she was wearing a t-shirt with smiley faces over her nipples. For around 4 minutes you get to see the fan try and makeout with Katy Perry and fondle her, while telling her a story about the Portuguese word for Pizza, still being “Pizza”.

She’s quite a hotty, but damn… how strong is the E over in Brazil?!

It’s really great form from Katy Perry, who realises the fan is off her tits saying “She’s rolling and needs some water” before politely agreeing to take a selfie and ushering the fan off stage. Loads of people probably would have just booted her off the stage… as if I needed any more reason to be in love with Katy Perry.

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