Katy Perry as a SIM (you get to play with Katy, aha)

This is both the gayest and straightest moment I’ll have this week. I have a thing for Katy Perry, she enthralls me so much that I feel the need to let you know about her latest foray into the gaming World.

EA announced that they’ll be developing multiple games featuring Katy Perry including special in-game items, environments and virtual goods- starting off with The Sims 3 Showtime: Katy Perry, a collectors’ edition of The Sims.

The Sims is a role-playing game that lets players control an avatar as they go about their daily lives. Showtime is an expansion pack to The Sims 3 where players can try to turn their avatars into digital superstars including professional singers, acrobats, magicians or DJs.

The Katy Perry version includes downloadable content such as hairstyles, props, guitars and even a stage venue all pulled from Perry’s life. Katy had this to say:

“I love how you’re able to play out different stories through your Sims characters – giving them different careers and watching them succeed. It’s cool to see the Sims’ stage performances in The Sims 3 Showtime decked out just like my California Dreams Tour – even my cotton candy video screens are in there! I always like to think of myself as a cartoon, and now I’m a Sim!”

I’m thinking… yes! I finally get to play with Katy Perry. aha.

The Sims 3 is available on basically every gaming platform including PC, Mac, iOS devices, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS and Wii.

What do you think about celebrities in games?

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