Kate Upton Got Swept Off Her Feet (By A Wave) In This Sports Illustrated Swimwear Teaser

The Ocean Swept Kate Upton Off Her Feet (Probably Just Wanted Us All To See Her Boobies)

Sports Illustrated Swimwear has long since been a staple favourite of many (because of the swimwear obviously). During the shooting of the 2018 edition of the magazine and video special, Kate Upton found out that being a model isn’t exactly sunshine and salads when mother nature decided to smash her exposing her boobies to the world.

Kate was posing on some rocks, looking smouldering when she got hit by a rogue wave causing her to tumble into the sea below. Thankfully it was all caught on camera:

I’m just thankful to the heavens above that Kate Upton is ok – I don’t know what I would have done if she was injured by the sea or worse, eaten by a whale.

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