Kanye West Met With Donald Trump & We’re Wondering Why

So Kanye West Met With Donald Trump & We're Wondering Why


I was discussing whether Kanye West has actually lost the plot with a mate the other day and after the latest news about the creative force, I don’t think we’ve made up our minds. Making his first appearance since being admitted to a hospital facility for treatment of some mental issues, Kanye West met up with US-president elect Donald Trump at Trump Tower.

The meeting was fairly well publicised and when questioned about why they met, Trump just said it was to talk about life and that they were great friends. I mean just imagine – what if Trump makes him a part of his cabinet? It would be like a real life TV show, doing its best to up the ratings ahead of the Season Finale (in this of THE WORLD).

Kanye later jumped on Twitter to clear things up:

Hmm. Kanye West wanting to President in 2024? Guess anything is possible.

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