Kanye West is Facing Backlash for Insensitive Album Cover.

How far can this clown possibly go before enough is enough? West has become an infected wound on the surface of the music industry and beyond, right up there with all the crap that makes this world so damn bad. His freedom of speech is becoming dangerous and his messiah complex sickening while his “art” a constant and desperate attempt to stay relevant.

His latest stunt just goes to prove how much this fool can and will continue to get away with. Just last week, a day or two before the release of Daytona, Kanye West changed Pusha-T’s album cover to a tabloid image of the late Whitney Houston’s drug-filled bathroom, almost quantifying and minimizing an icons entire career, persona and struggles to one starkly morbid image. Glorifying the very affliction that killed her. He paid $85 000 to licence the image that has now hurt so many.

He never discussed the decision with any of the Houstons or even had the decency to inform them of his decision. No, instead┬áhe had some half-assed, limp artistic explanation like “this is what everybody needs to see when they listen to the album” and that it represents an organized chaos similar to the music.

Houston’s family are understandably outraged and are calling for the artwork to be changed. It’s sad that Wests disturbing┬áchoice may even now overshadow what looks to be an incredible Pusha-T album.

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