Kangaroo got them hands – Man gets beatup by a Kangaroo in boxing match

kangaroo vs man boxing

In what must be an act animal cruelty, a video of a man having a boxing match with a kangaroo has gone viral. Strangely enough, the guy gets the crap punched and kicked out of him by the kangaroo in some rather odd Vietnamese underground boxing league between humans and animals.

Look, I can’t really say if the video is real or fake but what I do know is that we’re clearly losing our way a bit as a species if this is what is considered to be entertaining these days (I’ll admit I struggled to look away myself). Don’t watch the video below is you’re slightly against an idiotic man being kicked and punched by a clearly upset kangaroo.


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  1. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why I think Asia for all their technology and other shenanigans – is a continent far more backward than what the rest of the world apparently always calls Africa.

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