Kallis crashes R8 through neighbour’s wall & isnt drunk. In other news the Pope has decided to turn Muslim

We’re all for a bit of hair implants and scandal or two here at MyCityByNight, but when things like this start happening we have to take the moral high-ground and demand that justice is done… and that we receive the same treatment from the LAW the next time we’re busted doing something naughty.

Proteas star batsman and recipient of hair implants- Jacques Kallis was involved in a car crash in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

An eyewitness told Sport24 that Kallis had crashed his white Audi R8 through the gate of a neighbour’s house off Herschel Walk in Wynberg, Cape Town around 02:30. (its quite bendy bit of Cape Town situated right in the center of the burbs and near a school where pompus girls go).

The witness said he awoke to an “almighty bang” and noticed a car inside his neighbour’s property.

His wife, fearing a burglary was in progress, immediately called the police (she could not have been from Jozi, you dont even wake up from grenade explosions).

“Soon thereafter three cop cars arrived at the scene. I clearly saw it was Jacques Kallis behind the wheel. Kallis at no stage left the car,” the witness told Sport 24.

“Kallis must’ve called his girlfriend as she arrived shortly thereafter and took him away once everyone had left.

“The car, which was severely damaged, was removed from the driveway by a tow truck,” the witness added.

Then for the best bit here’s what the Proteas spokeperson Michael Owen-Smith had to say about the crazy and wild allegations that there was any form of alcohol involved in the “freak accident”-

“Alcohol was not an issue in (the crash).

“The (local) police didn’t feel there was a need for any breathalyser or any kind of blood test and so that’s the end of the matter,” said Owen-Smith.

Aaah, the amazing justice system of South Africa and the way local heroes can get away with anything!!! We love this place. It really is My City By Night…

Papa wag right? I’ll have another beer thanks and tell Papa I’ve got hair implants… Now where did I put those keys to my Audi??

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