Justin Timberlake Got Slapped While Playing Golf (Video)

Justin Timberlake Got Slapped While Playing Golf (Video)


Look I think Justin Timberlake is a pretty decent dude, but for some bizarre reason a fan decided that he absolutely had to slap the poor guy while he was playing a round of celebrity golf over the weekend.

The slap happened at a celebrity golf tournament held at Lake Tahoe as he was walking through the crowds in between holes. As you can imagine Justin wasn’t too happy with the whole thing and called the dude out on the spot:

Justin decided not to press any charges because he’s actually a decent guy, but the organisers of the tournament have decided to take legal action against the fan for laying hands of the music superstar at their event. The cops decided to arrest the fan on the spot and as he’s led away, you can hear him shouting ‘I just wanted to touch him’. No bruh.

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