Justin Timberlake Dresses Up As A Lime To Promote His New Tequila


In a bid to do some self promotion for his brand new Sauza 901 tequila brand, Justin Timberlake dressed up as a lime and shot a weird but funny video, sharing it on the web. The 3 minute bit of content tells the story of Rick “Sour” Vane, a lime who used to be have the best time when all anyone needed for their tequila was a lime.

“It was like you couldn’t drink tequila without one of us – it was like we were rock stars.”

– he mutters in the clip

Predictably the triple distilled Sauza 901, of which Timberlake is a co-owner was responsible for this terrible decline in status and need for limes – something he apologised for in a follow up video on Instagram. Here’s the original ad for your viewing pleasure:


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