Justin Bieber wont wear (his) nailpolish

The Bieb… as we like to call him over here at MyCityByNight has just spoken up about a new range of nail polishes that are named after some of the little alien’s biggest tunes… Apparently he wont be wearing any of the shades himself and will stick with the whimsical shades that he currently adorns his nails with.

The Bieb had this to say:

“It’s not really my nail polish line. Like, I think it’s weird to think about that,” . The Bieb then goes on to say that the nail polish from Nicole by OPI, which is set to hit stores next month, is inspired by his hit songs-  “Like, there’s names like named after my music,” he said.

“I don’t know,” he said. “It’s like a really weird concept.”

The nail glam collection, called One Less Lonely Girl, is set to include a bright red shade called OMB! and a glittery polish named Step 2 the Beat of My Heart. How quaint.

Members of The Bieb’s team did well for his PR by adding that the nail polish line was linked to donations to Pencils of Promise, a school-building organisation Bieber has supported before.

“So do you want me to say that?” Bieber asked, then turned to a reporter and followed up with this bit of heartfelt assurance, “Yeah, a portion of it goes to charity, so that’s always good.”

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  1. This oke is a knob! Wonder what he will sound like when his balls eventually drop? oh wait he probably doesn’t have any!

  2. Im really not a fan hey- but it is kinda impressive how he gets his song to stick in your head- even if it is irritating as hell!!

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