Justin Bieber strips on Stage at Fashion Rocks and is booed by the crowd

justin bieber strips fashion rocks

In the latest not the news, news Justin Bieber strips on stage at Fashion Rocks and gets booed by the crowd. It seems like the Biebs just can’t catch a break – at the recent Fashion Rocks event (which is some sort of charity event in the US that involves music and entertainment) the star decided that it was a great idea to take off all of his kit while on stage. Personally I think that this is one of dumber things that Justin Bieber has done and judging by the reaction from the crowd, most of them agree.

I did a bunch of dumb shit when I was that age and it seems like Justin Bieber is going to continue his hot-streak of poor decision-making. I’m an eternal optimist though – so let’s hope he sorts himself out and releases another bit of music as an artist that has re-invented themselves.

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