Just who is better than the STIG?

Everyone who isnt a satanist will know that the iconic driving and car series Top Gear has lost its mystical and rather talented test driver the Stig to some serious drama around the revealing of his true identity and an equally goss tell all book surrounding his exploits. Fear not though there are hundreds of statistically better drivers to choose from to replace him on the overall Castrol Driver Rankings.

After all, he’s only hitting a fairly lowly 672.

If you go by the Castrol rankings, a global ranking system based on the performance of every race and rally driver across all disciplines of motorsport, you’ll soon realise that there are a whole bunch of other awesome drivers to choose from including the likes of me…

Ok not really.

The real list is currently led by Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel and team mate Mark Webber but includes F1, World Rally championship and the World Touring Cars. The ranking system list more than 2000 drivers across 47 major motorsport series.

These are the current Top 10 in the rankings:

1 Sebastian Vettel – F1

2 Mark Webber – F1

3 Sébastien Loeb – WRC

4 Fernando Alonso – F1

5 Lewis Hamilton – F1

6 Jimmie Johnson – Sprint Cup, GrandAm

7 Will Power – IndyCar

8 Jenson Button – F1

9 Dario Franchitti – IndyCar, GrandAm

10 Kevin Harvick – Sprint Cup, Nationwide, Nascar Trucks

And to make matters around the Stig’s successor all the more messy Top Gear’s ousted masked racing driver, has been snapped up by rival motoring show Fifth Gear to be a full on presenter without a suit. Sies.

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