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So it was but a matter of time before I said something about the former Springbok rugby hero whose name is on the lips of most South Africans at the moment.

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From the heights of winning the 1995 Rugby World Cup and retiring while holding the record for most test tries scored by any South African, In February 2009 Joost Van Der Westhuizen was fingered by Heat magazine and Rapport Newspaper in a controversial sex tape involving a mystery blonde and what looked to be Joost snorting a “white substance”. The mystery blonde later revealed herself as former stripper Marilize van Emmenis and passed a polygraph test conducted by Heat which examined her involvement with Joost and the use narcotics while in his kitted out in his nice white onderbroekie.


At first Joost denied any involvement in sex play and the use of drugs but admitted to knowing the woman in the video. His ship had already started taking on water and was sinking fast- and on June 28th 2009 Joost was rushed to hospital and nearly died before needing to be hooked up to ventilators as he was not breathing on his own.

November 2009 saw the release of his tell all biography and a public admission of guilt over his involvement in the saucy video. Within an instant Joost was littered across just about every news medium available to us other than using smoke-signals and the book-became a best-seller, selling out in JHB on the day of its release. Joost had this to say in his book titled Joost: The Man in the Mirror

“Just over three years ago I made the biggest mistake of my life. I did something I will probably regret the rest of my days.

“Against all my principles, I had a sexual liaison – we never had intercourse – with a woman who was not my wife. And we took drugs.”


I somehow don’t believe him on the shagging bit.

So through all of this Amor has been trying to be supportive of her husband and even after breaking down during an interview with Darren Scott on Jacaranda 94.2’s Just Plain Breakfast show, she continues to stand by Joost and offer kind words. Well sort of- she has proceeded to LOSE the Van Der Westhuizen from the end of her name and has returned to introducing herself as Amore Vittone. In my opinion you shouldn’t be cheating on your wife, ESPECIALLY if she’s still pregnant with your second kid. Sis.

Apples van der Westhuizen

I cannot wait to be famous enough to make a sex tape, then write a tell all book and co-ordinate its release with the announcement of my philandering ways on radio and live tv- I’ll have to respect the hustle and your savvy marketing Joost. Except I’ll make sure that the video that gets splashed all over for the public to see is a good one- I definitely WONT be wearing a pair of white briefs or socks and WILL have one or more proper lookers playing the co-starring roles.


Its really sad when a guy that used to represent courage and integrity acts so seedily while his wife is pregnant and then is too much of wimp to admit to it when he’s busted. I think he maybe took the most important Shaggy-ism of all a little bit too seriously- with the whole IT WASN’T ME thing, but at least he didn’t go the route of our OTHER disgraced former sports star, South African cricket captain and match fixer Hansie Cronje and just simply blame everything on Belzebub, stating categorically in front of a packed court that “the devil made me do it.”


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  1. I think he handled the situation terribly for a guy that used to be so legendary! And also did he actually look at Marilize van Emmenis before going home with her?! Ai, then everyone still goes out and buys the guys biography!

  2. lol Etienne, my thoughts exactly… JOOST JOOST JOOST!!! Such a legend back in the day, cant feel sorry for him now, he was the cause of all of this so he needs to be the one that deals with it now and in the future!!

    But you right Mr ByNight: Im very glad he didnt go the same way Hansie did, hehehe

  3. DRUGS MADE HIM DO IT… i think all men have been wounded before, and it takes one cave woman to drag you down… i think Joost iudt thought to himself "Joost do it". but huge failure with the pregnant wife

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