Julius Malema’s Fanpage, bunch of racist wankers!

I have received this from numerous people now and I just don’t know what to make of it. I mean, surely people should be learning to live together and make South Africa a better place. With people like Julius Malema and his bunch of racist wanker friends, it makes life a little hard. Take a look at this screen shot from his fanpage on Facebook and tell me this doesn’t anger you. It has made me angry enough to kick his piece of sh1t face into the ground. He is slowly but surely ruining South Africa and the worst part about it is that he could quite possibly be the next president, well not for the next 4, as Zuma has said he wants another 4 years in Parliment! Yu yu yu, what a blady circus!

Julius the k4

Digging the chilled vibes

This Thato prick must seriously tone it down a bit. Worst part about this is that Malema is endorsing this aswell, which makes it so much worse!

They buy into his bullshit while they are living a poor and poverty stricken life and he is lapping up the riches of the tax payer and other illegal activities he has his dirty hands  involved in…

He is such a joke! What a clown!

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