Jozi vs. Cape Town | From disposable income to cost of living and even bad habits – which city is superior?

Jozi vs. Cape Town | Images by Aloysius from Pixabay and Jacques Nel on Unsplash


The Deutsche Bank’s eighth-annual Mapping The World Survey of global prices and living standards from various countries and cities around the world has been released. They’ve added some new cities this year while still keeping the analysis to “cities and countries relevant to global financial markets.”

The extensive report painstakingly lists and ranks countries by their standard of living, income, disposable income, cost of living, cheap date index and have even ranked cities by “bad habits.”

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The report brings up the age-old Jozi vs. Cape Town debate as to which city is superior in all the above criteria – but you’ll find the results quite interesting – on a global scale, Johannesburg and Cape Town are almost always on par with each other, with Cape Town out-ranking Jozi ever so slightly on just a couple of the criteria.

Read more on the methodology of the findings as well as the full, extensive report right here.


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