Jozi Bouncer Attacks Stoners

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Via: LiveLeak

Allegedly, Shane Myburgh (who has now deleted his Facebook page it seems), A “Back up” bouncer at Stones Fourways in Johannesburg South Africa, doesn’t even confront the group of young adults smoking weed in the restroom. In typical juice head style he sees it acceptable to just attack them with no provocation.

His Facebook statements hold no remorse for his actions or the possible consequences there of. The weed smokers would get off with less of a charge, he on the other hand could be in serious trouble but he doesn’t care, anyone who speaks out against him slandering them with homophobic slurs.

What makes it funny is that this is how angry he gets about guys doing drugs where he works but it wouldn’t surprise anyone if this guy does numerous steroids to fuel his ego.

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  1. I have met the dude through mutual friends, he prides himself on beating people to a pulp and then bragging about it to everyone. Is a huge talker and takes more juice than anyone I have ever met. Also treats woman like shit – All in all Just not a cool dude.

    1. Alexia, you owe it to those who were assaulted to let mycitybynight know this guys name,surname and address. These are the kind of arseholes who will oneday snap and kill a innocent person.

      Feel free to post his name and surname here and I will personally see that it reaches the cops alone with this video.

        1. Can someone tell me why he has not been arrested?

          Also the girl commenting on his FB page Danielle Botha should be brought in front of a judge for fuelling abuse crimes!

    2. That guy is a stupid coward over here he coulda gotten shanked over something like that, he should had been a man about the issue and said to get out, and whats up with those kids they just froze in fear they could had jumped him.
      even do I don`t smoke drugs but that was such an arrogant coward behavior wich is pretty rude messing with some kids, probably wouldn`t do that over here they could had jumped him claming self defense, but they were some young man not looking for trouble.

  2. Fucking Savage, u cant just fucking attack people like that! U steroided, pony poes! Get anger management , u got daddy issues! Your biceps should be holding onto prison bars you plank! TSEK!

  3. I understand smoking a doob in the bathroom of Stones is retarded as Zol is unfortunately very much illegal and could land you up in prison however assault of this level is just plain wrong. I’m wondering if it is within the bouncers rights to react in such a way ? Is it wrong to react in such a way? Is he coked up?
    I was smacked around in a Fourways parking lot by an oke like this , just for talking about smoking a doob. Meh , I hope 50 stoners kick the crap out of him with their bongs. . . . but try get fifty stoners together in the first place to do do something sinister… not a chance.
    Let him fall in a fat of bong water and return to work in a tye dye T-shirt , hungry and with a much friendlier and sunnier disposition .

  4. Physical abuse is terrible, taking them outside and calling the cops would have been a much, much better solution. But – since when is it acceptable to do drugs in public places? The club owner could lose his license because of self-entitled kids using illegal substances on his property. Story has both sides – both parties should be forced to take responsibility for their actions leading up to the assault.

  5. I’d sue him and the venue. He is clearly unable to contain his juice infused rage. If it was me, and I’m quite capable of fighting back, would step back, let the video evidence speak for me then have him hauled off for a very long romantic time with bubba.

    The lighties were young and stupid, but they did NOT deserve the onslaught. The real men who CAN fight do not act like this.

  6. What a stupid prick, and his girlfriend too, you can hear she enjoyed watching her half a brain cells of a boyfriend beat up kid that is half his size, what a man hey? Shame if the two of them have kids they’ll only be born with one brain cell rather they don’t breed an pollute this earth with more stupids.

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