Jozi and KZN get ready to have your hearts and minds BLOWN by the Nitro Circus SA tour

This past Saturday 17000 extreme sports fans packed up the Cape Town Stadium for the internationally acclaimed action sports collective, Nitro Circus and the extravaganza was nothing short of explosive.

 Images by Channel24’s Warren Talmarkes


This past weekend we got to experience the most epic live show to ever hit the entertainment and sports scene – The Nitro Circus.

Arriving at 5 pm, we sat down to watch the crew of the Circus set up and rehearse. Ecstatic VIP fans arrived early to get upclose and personal with the Nitro ringleader, Travis Pastrana – who could not make the 2014 leg of the tour. Travis arrived early to meet and greet with frothing fans and chatted Nitro beginnings, racing against South African motocross legend Grant Langston, who whipped his ass in a competition here in SA and went on to win the World Championship at just 17. Pastrana made his way into the crowd signing and taking selfies with eager fans – young boys fought their way through the crew to get close to Travis (as did we, man those kids are strong, and yes we shoved some out the way too, just kidding.)

From airborne couches and rocking horses to Scramblers and scooters, we have simply just never seen anything like it. Without giving away too much of the show, we have to say riders, Stev Mini, Nitro FMX’s de facto leader, and scooting extraordinaire, Ryan Williams stole the show as well as the two extremely brave and mad volunteers who put their life on the line to attempt a three man, one bike double backflip that has previously failed at a few Nitro shows – but not at this one.  The young gents got to keep their signature KTM gear and went to mingle with riders after the show, proving that taking risks really does pay off.

But what was even more enigmatic was the palpable sense compadre between this crew, they truly are a family and the energy between them all is simply electric. From paying homage to the late Nitro family member, Nick Roner to watching Bruce Cook (who is now paralyzed from the waist down after attempting a World First double front flip in 2014 at Nitro show) get back on his custom-made bike to land the very front flip that critically injured him – this show is not only mind-blowing it is downright inspirational.

Jozi and KZN you cannot anticipate what is heading your way, best you get booking your tickets because this is something not to be missed. Check out Pastrana’s SA video message below, their 2014 SA tour video featuring the late Erik Roner as well some incredible shots taken from the Circus this past weekend, courtesy of Channel24.

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