Journalist Is Saved From ISIS Sniper By GoPro (VIDEO)

Journalist Is Saved From ISIS Sniper By GoPro (VIDEO)

Being a war zone journalist comes with a host of issues, like being shot by a sniper, while you’re trying to give a proper account of things. This is exactly what happened over in Mosul where Iraqi forces are currently battling ISIS forces. Journalist Ammar Alwaely had been accompanying an infantry battalion through one of the neighbourhoods, which was supposed to have been cleared of any threats, when a sniper targeted him and shot him in the chest.

Quite astoundingly, Alwaely wasn’t badly hurt because the bullet struck his GoPro camera which was strapped to his chest at the time. The camera exploded on impact and cut his lip but he managed to survive the incident relatively unscathed:

Sun journalist Owen Holdaway, who was sitting inches away from Alwaely when all of the action went down had this to say:

At first I did not know what happened. I fell to the floor and could not turn around to see if Ammar was ok.

Crawling along to behind the vehicle, I eventually looked up and saw it had hit my old GoPro that I had given him just a few days earlier.

The explosion had smashed the camera, spraying plastic into his face and cutting his lip.

If GoPro is looking for an idea for their next ad campaign they really don’t need to look any further than this..

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