Jose Cuervo sun deck at Rocking the Daisies

For a bunch of Rocking the Daisies virgins we were fairly impressed by our first time! (which isnt always the case with things in life- please tell me you got the sex reference). A great deal of our amazement and intrigue around RTD had to have originated from the special care that we got from Matt and the very VERY kind folks at Jose Cuervo and thus we felt that they deserved a special little mention…

Instead of doing the normal- lets throw a ridonkulous amount of free booze and “more than willing to …” fans at all the important peeps in digital/tv/radio media (not that we dont enjoy that too) – Jose Cuervo decided to do something a little bit more different at their Rocking the Daisies stand…


These guys basically constructed a sun deck at the festival, complete with couches, plasma tv and cocktail bar… It was basically heaven on earth for any fan of a day out in Camps Bay that had made the mission out to Darling to rough it a bit- Kreg and I were more than stoked!


Get this though- not everyone was allowed to come and enjoy the awesomeness of the Jose Cuervo Sun Deck… This was an honour reserved for people who “The Don” had selected to join him/her upstairs. In a unique twist, the Tequila legends sourced fans from the public that had won a competition in which they had to say why they were the Dons of Jose Cuervo tequila and left it up to them to allow people into the various chill sessions at the deck. You could pretty much only get booze if the Don gave the nod to the barman, which in our opinion added a nice aire of gangster to the event that otherwise would’ve made things all too Caprice.


While enjoying the very comfy furniture and mooiness, we bumped into Rick Bosch from Dont Sink, Swim who just happened to be the don for the evening session on Saturday- its almost needless to say that we got wrecked (um, more wrecked than the last night).

The vibe even had some real celebs in attendance (we’re only semi-famous cos we havent been on top billing yet), including Jeannie D from Top Billing and Radio fame. We’d just had sour-cream flavour Doritos and decided not to say hi in fear of our breath melting her freshly ghd’d locks… next time.


Good call on the sun-deck guys… from the moment we hit that first round of Cuervo at the bar in the afternoon onwards we were in the best of spirits… hehehehe!

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