Jonny Robotix – Breaks N Bass


JoNNY RoBoTIX has had music in his circuitry since he was sparked to life. Rock and metal inspired him and he programmed himself to play the drums. A brief stint in a high school band followed and that all ended rather badly after the lead singer started to let the principal know exactly how he felt about his recent expulsion.

The Prodigy was the first electronic type of music to grace his auditory circuit boards and because he was mostly well, electronic himself, he fell inlove that very instant. For years he graced the dancefloors of Clublands finest establishments getting his nightly fixes of electronic stimulation.

The rock and metal long forgotten, he still yearned to have control over the music he loved, just as he was able to when thrashing out the drums. So it was not long until his visual sensors where scanning the DJ booths of the clubs he visited. Watching, listening, learning and downloading, all the while doing his, well, robot dance of course.

JoNNY RoBoTIX is a founding member of the Fukk It movement, bringing you the hottest Bass music parties in Cape Town.

He runs the promotional music blog Minimix To The MAX!

He is also one half of the Prog-Psy-Tech duo Hektek Elektrek, check out their sound here: (click here)

Breaks N Bass128 

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