Support the hospitality industry and join the nationwide #ServeUsPlease peaceful protest


Businesses and entire industries across the world have been irrevocably affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. The event, tourism and hospitality sectors, in particular, have taken a major hit worldwide with restaurants, hotels and even airlines closing shop for the foreseeable future.

Some countries have managed to keep some sort of economy going by keeping industries open, but it appears even they are struggling with many territories going through periodic openings and lockdowns as we currently see happening in both Europe and the USA.

In response to the South African Government’s Covid-19 restrictions on the hospitality, tourism, food and alcohol, entertainment, and affiliated industries, the #ServeUsPlease movement plans to hold a peaceful protest on Friday, 24 July from 10 am to 12 pm.

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Posted by Nafeez Domingo on Thursday, 16 July 2020

#ServeUsPlease is calling on anyone/ any hospitality business affected by these regulations to join in the peaceful protest, provided they adhere to the safety protocols. “We understand that the impact of the regulations goes far beyond just bars and restaurants” reads their statement, “it has and will continue to have an impact on thousands of businesses across all industries that support the broader hospitality industry, including the Tourism, Entertainment and Media industry.”

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The #ServeUsPlease peaceful protest (a pun on ‘service please’, calling on Government to serve the citizens in the service industry) will adhere to strict safety measures. Participants will be required to maintain a 1,5-metre distance from one another – measured by a 1,5-metre ribbon that will link each protestor with another. Face masks will be mandatory at all times and people are encouraged to carry hand sanitiser. Marshalls will also be on hand to ensure that safety protocols are adhered to.

#ServeUsPlease spokesperson Brent Perremore reiterates that the movement is supportive of the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, however, urges Government to consider the significant impact this has had on the hospitality and extended industries, and to allow businesses to operate while adhering to the strict controls that other countries have adopted.

For more information, join the event on Facebook. Read more on the latest COVID-19 related news, right here.

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