Join The Global Cannabis march in Cape Town this May


Cover ImageRoberto Valdivia on Unsplash

In September 2018 The South African High Court decriminalised the private use and growth of cannabis. It was said that people possessing personal amounts of marijuana would no longer be prosecuted as a criminal. However, the freedom cannabis users fought to attain for so long has apparently continued to be squandered with multiple arrests still occurring in the country while the ban of non-psychoactive products continues. Recently police instructed liquor outlets in Hermanus to remove cannabis-infused drinks called Durban Poison that they were stocking despite there being no active or illegal compound in the drink that would intoxicate a consumer.

The Global Cannabis March will be taking place in Cape Town this May. The event aims to raise awareness around the current injustices still taking place surrounding cannabis use and users.”Our constitutional rights are abused almost on a weekly basis, and we need to come together in numbers to show solidarity and support for a dream,” event organisers wrote. “Equal access to Cannabis and its trade in South Africa, it must be an accessible industry for ALL.”

Join the movement on May 4 2019. For more information, Join the event page on Facebook.

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