John Vlismas (and friends) at Carnival City

John Vlismas really is the best type of bastard there is. He’s one of those comedians that make you go “ooooooh” whenever he delivers a burn to a politician or somebody dead, like Amy Winehouse or Madonna. The man we’re all talking about is about to kick off a brand new show at Carnival City that features some big names in SA comedy. Here’s what John had to say:

I’m really excited about the show, but I must warn the public that it was manufactured in a factory containing nuts; and may contain traces of humour. Firm to rock hard language, mild violence and some body fluids. Pretty much like the average marriage. Goggles will be provided for the front row.

Like I said… the best type of bastard. John’s friends this week are Trevor Gumbi, Dave Levinsohn and Tumi Morake and I’m sure that’s enough to get anyone laughing.

John Vlismas, fresh from the ‘funny factory’ at the Carnival Comedy Session on Wednesday 12 December from 20h00 at Carnival City’s Showbar.

Comedian        John Vlismas (and friends)

Date                12th December 2012

Time                20h00

Venue              Carnival City Showbar

Cost                 R85.00

Tickets             Available at the door


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