John Terry deters smoking- or causes it. We’re not sure

This year the Premier League has been more interesting to watch than slow motion replays of large breasted mooiness running. However, the year thus far hasn’t been without it’s own share of scandal- specifically around England and Chelsea captain John Terry. Adding yet another notch to the current Terry bad karma scorecard is the apparent use of his image on a tobacco warning labels printed on cigarette packets in India.

The somewhat blurred image, which in my opinion is clearly that of Blue’s captain, Terry above a warning that “Smoking Kills” on a box on entjies was created by the government’s Directorate of Visual Publicity.

Terry’s reps have sent the matter to their lawyers to take appropriate action. Johnny boy is still facing criminal charges in Britain over allegations of racially abusing QPR’s Anton Ferdinand and now has had his image used to deter people from smoking. If you smoke your lungs will look like John Terry’s off the pitch career… that should be enough to put you off from ever touching an eintjie again.

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