Johannesburg shopping mall built a giant aquarium in the middle of its food court

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Cresta Mall in Johannesburg recently unveiled it’s a giant new addition to the food and entertainment court – a 75 000 litre saltwater aquarium.

The masterpiece took over 2 years to build and is now home to 30 indo-pacific fish species – fish found both in the Indian and Pacific ocean.

In addition to the 75 000 litres of saltwater used for the larger than life tank, a whopping 25 000 kg of extra salt was also added to achieve the correct salinity for the aquarium to be habitable for the fish. According to the spokesperson, the aquarium wasn’t only designed to entertain shoppers but was created for educational reasons as well.

A key vision of the aquarium is to educate shoppers, and especially the youth on how they can act now to protect the future of the oceans – such as recycling and being conscious of the sustainable fish list.”

Take a look at some of the incredible images below and read more local news right here.


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