Johannesburg natives, Retrosonic & Yan Solo, release their debut Progressive House masterpiece on Ambious Records

For their 29th release, Ambious Records welcome newcomers, Retrosonics & Yan Solo, to the family with their debut EP on their imprint, ‘Dynamics’. This three-track, dancefloor-ready EP is ready to showcase the incredible talents of these two producers who didn’t hold back for this release.

The first track of the EP, ‘Mercury’ is a moody opener, loaded with pitched vocals, expanding the scope of the emotion that this track delivers with every bar. Accompanied by an organic tribal rhythm and swelling synths that push the listener to move throughout the track.

Up next, we have, ‘Runaway’. Flowing with groove and is once again accompanied by the stellar pitched vocal work that this EP has come to be defined by. Nostalgic chords and progressive melodies uplift the entire atmosphere of the track and bring things to its peak in the centre, commanding the attention of anyone who listens.

Last up we have, ‘Take It’, which goes right in with rhythmic leads and ethereal vocals. A big bassline and a groovy rhythm help define this club-floor melter, that will help lead this EP into many dancefloors and artists go-to tracks.

EP Tracklist

  1. Mercury
  2. Runaway
  3. Take It

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