Johannesburg & Cape Town, elrow just released your city’s official lineup & it’s on fire!


After much anticipation, the official elrow South Africa lineup’s are out and both local and international acts, in both cities will have you frothing. Check out what’s in store for your very first elrow experience South Africa…

elrow goes to South Africa

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elrow Cape Town

elrow Johannesburg



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  1. What’s up with “Far West”? How does that related to South Africa? The theme seems contrived and potentially very problematic…

    1. What are your thoughts on Kinky Summers Far Out East? Did you attend? Was that also problematic for you?
      Please give us more details about your comments?
      If you’re asking how it relates to SA, it doesn’t. It’s an international THEMED travelling festival that focuses on themes to give their audience an experience surrounding that theme from music to decor to acts and performers.

    1. Please go to the event page, they’ll have all the details there. Otherwise, hang in there and we’ll find out for you 🙂

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