Stranger Things’ Joe Keery stars as a fame-hungry killer in ‘Spree’


After his departure from the hit series Stranger Things, Joe Keery returns and this time in a full-length feature staring as a fame-hungry driver in the new comedy-horror film titled ‘Spree’.

The first trailer for the vlog-style film introduces us to 23-year-old Kurt (Keery), a rideshare driver desperate for social media attention. Kurt will stop at nothing to go viral, ultimately venturing on a brutal killing spree and candidly documenting every moment.

Spree is directed by Eugene Kotlyarenko and executive produced by Drake and will co-star Sasheer Zamata, David Arquette and The OC’s Mischa Barton.

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The official synopsis for the movie tells of Kurt’s plan to livestream a rampage -what Kurt calls #thelesson- to gain insta-fame. “He installs a set of cameras in his car and begins streaming his rides. Wildly miscalculating the popularity that would come from his lethal scheme, Kurt’s desperation grows as he tries to find a way to overcome the plan’s flaws.

In the middle of all this madness, a stand-up comedian (Sasheer Zamata) with her own viral agenda crosses Kurt’s path and becomes the only hope to put a stop to his misguided carnage.”

Spree first premiered at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, and it will be released in cinemas and on-demand on August 14, 2020. Watch the official red ban trailer below and read more on the latest entertainment news, right here.

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