Joanna Krupa’s furry PETA print ad

One of our favourite mooiness, Joanna Krupa has been doing her bit for animal rights organisation PETA by growing a massive crotch bush. It’s almost 100% confirmed that the hair in the ad was not her own (phew)- purely placed there to raise awareness around the fact that wearing fur isn’t the kiffest thing you could do.

PETA Associate DIrector of Campaigns Lindsay Rajit had this to say about the ad:

“Years ago, it was disgraceful for women to show their knees and we all laugh at that today. And I think that some day, nudity will stop being interesting…and when that happens, we will stop using that tactic. But right now, it’s a really fun way to grab attention, and get people on the site. And that’s why we do it.”

You know what it sounds like? It sounds like Lindsay does not get enough sex.

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