Jimmy Kimmel asks people their opinions of made up designers at New York Fashion Week



jimmy kimmel new york fashion week

The last time Jimmy Kimmel interviewed people, asking them their thoughts about made up artists and the result was a bunch of silly individuals gushing over the made up Coachella artists – #awkies.

Now, Jimmy is back and this time around he’s swopped out the wannabe musical knowledge gurus for hipsters at New York Fashion week, which went down in the US last week. It’s pretty funny stuff and makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside at the thought that there are people out there that are waaaaay more lame than you could ever be (even on a bad day).

There are some really “fashion forward” outfits and ridiculous responses in the video, so be warned should you be allergic hipsters. Rather than seem like they’re out of the fashion loop people crazy things when asked about made up designers like Willy Lowman (I mean really?):

“You know I just saw something from Willy Lowman a couple of weeks ago,”

Check out the video below:


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