Jesse Clegg Review

Can you even begin to imagine how it must be to grow up with ‘The White Zulu’ as your father? To follow in the footsteps of a legend and icon to all South Africans is no easy task. Well I think that Jesse has done a phenomenal job of this, not only making his name known, but also creating his own unique sound at that same time.

I have seen him perform live so many times, and yet every time I do, it feels as if the virginity on the sound of Jesse to my ears has been broken.

The sure tell way to see if you’ve done a great job, is to know that everyone that was crowding around the bar, have left their seducing drink journey to tune in to your voice.

It seems that every song thus far, is hitting the charts, and although he still has a mountain to climb before hitting numbers like his father, Johnny Clegg, he is still so young, only starting his career in 2008.

Not only that, this rock star was born in 1988, so he is still a yearling and has many years of music ahead of him.

By the age of six months he was already getting a taste of the touring life, and at least 5 months of every here between his birth year and 1994 was spent touring – can you say born ready?


Jesse has just launched the 2nd solo album called ‘Life on Mars’, with hits such as ‘Clarity’ already making radio waves. It’s the perfect follow up from the first album ‘When I Wake Up’, which had amazing hits, including ‘Heartbreak Street’, on there.


His voice can be compared to a fountain of running chocolate, making every woman in the audience believe he was talking to her soul individually.

I did try and set up some wedding arrangements with the boy, but he didn’t seem too impressed that I was putting forth a marriage proposal.

The sky is the limit for this young individual, leaving David Gresham Records with many, many more hits to look forward to.

Special thanks to Anthony Churchyard for the photo’s!

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