Jersey Shore is on it’s way to South Africa

You heard right… Jersey shore is on it’s way to South Africa- well at least, two of it’s cast members are. During the next two months The Situation and Ronnie will be heading down to sunny SA to “make some personal appearances for their endorsement deals”. This means that all the Jozi residents who enjoy klapping it and looking to The Situation for inspiration on how to dress and act when down by the coast will be able to meet their muse.

In a conversation Ronnie and Mike told E! Online’s Marc Malkin that they are scheduled to make the trip to South Africa next month. Keen to make their other plans for the trip clear The Situation – real name Mike Sorrentino went on to say:

“I’d like to meet me an authentic South African girl,” 

Jersey Shore is a reality show, which premiered in 2009 based on the lives of a group of 20-something Americans with a penchant for making all yanks look absolutely nuts (and not in the good way). MCBN watched virtually every episode, very entertained by the musings of Snooki and the crew and to be honest we think it’s cool that they decided to pop around to South Africa because we’ll finally have the chance to test out their so-famed partying prowess. Only thing is, they’ll be rather difficult to spot between all of the rest of the Ed Hardy wearing beefcakes that pack out Sandton and Cape Town during Summer.

All four guys confirmed that they’ll probably do at least two more seasons of the show with at least one out of the country- like when they visited Italy.

“I want to do Australia,” The Situation said. “All the girls in Australia are hot.”

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