Jeremy Loops unveils the Western inspired music video for ‘What Would I Know’

Watch the music video for ‘What Would I Know’ here…

Jeremy teams up once again with Director Rob Smith who worked on his music video for ‘Gold’, which won the 2019 South African Music Award for ‘Music Video of the Year’ as well as a Silver Loerie.

Rob Smith explains the thinking behind the visuals, saying “The concept for the video is routed in the song in how you can follow the music (or your own happiness), but how things/people/failures will inevitably get in your way. Instead of being put down or giving up, you can learn from these experiences and ultimately continue to follow your happiness with a greater sense of appreciation or awareness of it.”

When Jeremy Loops first explained the meaning behind the song to Smith, he elaborated on how the single is also about how we’re often our own worst enemies. From that premise, the story evolved of our protagonist encountering a villain who is eerily familiar, and that narrative leant itself perfectly to a Western setting.

Speaking on the song, Jeremy explains “We make this human error of always seeing others as joy thieves and the source of our problems when often it’s us standing in our own way. It’s us who are the barrier, not some external projection. I think it was quite powerful how the team managed to marry that concept and idea with my lifelong dream of starring in a Spaghetti Western. It’s subtle, and I suspect many people won’t get it on first viewing, but when the concept does make sense, it reveals a stunning new dimension to the song.”

After coming up with the concept, the biggest challenge the team faced was where to shoot a story like this in South Africa and on a reasonable budget. Years ago Rob passed through Springbok and was struck by its unique and arid landscape, so naturally, it was the first thing he Googled; “Horse trails Springbok”. Luckily for the team, they found the beautiful Namaqua Horse Trails farm in Springbok, who accommodated with the location, beautiful horses, and professional horse wranglers on site too.

“We shot over two days all over their farm, which was tight considering how many shots we had planned, working with horses, moving around, etc. but we did meticulous storyboarding and planning to ensure we shot as efficiently as possible,” added Rob, who is very happy with the result.

Written by Jeremy Loops & Truancy/Erik Alcock (Eminem) in Berlin during Jeremy’s European Summer 2019 festival, ‘What Would I Know’ was produced in the UK with Will Hicks (Ed Sheeran’s ‘Perfect’) and features Jeremy’s signature sound paired with progressive, modern sensibilities.

“Erik is an incredibly talented songwriter, and the resume of people he’s worked with is a testament to that,” says Jeremy Loops. “What was special about making this song, is we spent an afternoon just talking about what the song was about and what I had in mind, and that resonated with him at a deep level. This clarity freed us from wrestling what the song ‘meant’, in the process leaving tons of room to be as creative as possible with it.”

The single and music video is released in the lead up to his Mortal Man tour, including his largest UK headline date at the 5000-capacity O2 Academy Brixton, alongside other headline theatre shows in Germany, Czech Republic, and Poland.   Loops has announced Sons of the East as his support act for the European Tour, including two dates in South Africa they will join him for, as well as Declan J Donovan as a second support for his Academy Brixton Show.

14 Nov – Prague – Lucerna Velky Sal
16 Nov – Warsaw – Klub Stodala
19 Nov – Munich – Tonhalle
21 Nov – Cologne – Live Music Hall
23 Nov – London – O2 Academy Brixton
25 Nov – Hamburg – GrosseFreiheit
27 Nov – Stuttgart – Wagenhallen

Tickets at

South African dates are as follows:
30 Nov – Large On The Lawn, Johannesburg: Tickets available at
1 Dec – Parklife Festival, Cape Town: Tickets available at

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