Jeremy Clarkson burns Oscar with Joke at Recent SA Event

oscar vs jeremy

As you’ve already heard – Jeremy Clarkson and the boys are in final stages of negotiation with the likes of Netflix to bring a Top-Gear-esque style show to the online streaming network and keeping with their generally spicy content they dropped a joke about Oscar during their SA Tour 2 weeks back that would definitely have gotten quite a few people riled up.

On their recent tour of SA, the former Top Gear lads led by Jeremy, accidentally shot a member of the crowd with a paintball gun and then said:

I thought it was a robber

To which James May rebuffed –

Oh was she in the bathroom?

Thankfully, South Africans have a fairly good sense of humour and absolutely lapped up the joke, avoiding what could have been an absolute PR disaster. I’m so amped to see the boys return and reckon this should spell the end for the BBC owned Top Gear franchise (even after they announced Chris Evans as the next host).

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