J&B Met with King of Queens | Review

The day of the 2011 J&B Met had finally arrived… Our outfits had been chosen and weeks had been spent researching the horses to bet on (ok, not really). MyCityByNight had been hooked up with the coolest Met competition to ensure that as many of you, the MCBN Alumni could enjoy the festivities of a day at the races in the luxury and leisure of the King of Queen hospitality Marquee.

The MyCityByNight crew decided to arrive nice and early to avoid the droves of people cluttering up the grass walkways on the way to the tented area; and my oh my were we glad we did. This year’s J&B was extremely well attended with over 50 000 peeps deciding on having a fantastic day at the races. Once we had arrived at the King Of Queen hospitality marquee, we were greeted by more than friendly (ok maybe a bad choice of words, we didn’t get blowies in the bathroom or anything before you start pondering) hostesses that made sure entry into the marquee was swift, smooth and hassle free, this was a really good thing considering that it was about 29 degrees at 1130am.

Once inside the tent- we were met with a cool wave of aircon that was comparable to manna from the gods themselves considering how hot it was outside. The King of Queen experience was split across 2 marquees (one for the lounge and gold members and the other for the super high rollers, VIPS and celebs) and decked from top to bottom in white. There were massive circular couches with pink scatter cushions to match the detail in the King of Queen logo, a covered outside section and big bars with decent bartenders in both marquees.

Now for the contentious bit, the party clientele. The King of Queen experience was supposed to be proportionally aimed at the gay market. I can honestly say that apart from the odd fleeting look and comment about the fabulousness of my outfit, I had no idea that this was this case, until the two performing drag queens sang Diana Ross and Whitney Houston (I must add that these two were absolutely amazing, Whitney ain’t got shit on you, girls). It really was such a diverse and cosmopolitan crowd, that made the day enjoyable and this just proves the fact that if you are a straight guy, you can have just as much fun with the gay crowd without getting your penis felt up or being sprayed with tanning oil by a shirtless guy. I think people need to get over their hang-ups and realise that we are living in cosmopolitan cities with a plethora of different people- its time to start living the rainbow nation dream.

The food provided was absolutely mystical, consisting of salmon and avo wraps, fully gourmet mini steak paninis, chicken pasta, fudge, Smarties and just about anything else that your heart desired. To add to the awesomeness, guests were given samples of the brand new Givenchy fragrance and could buy skincare range packages from Karl de L’eau at a reduced rate (we all know how important it is to moisturise). The choice of music was pretty cool, with a mix of Balkan beats, funky house and Enrique megamixes- something for everyone’s tastes.

This year’s J&B Met was one that was dominated by fashion and the fabulous… Apparently Past Master won- which sucked because I bet all my on Mother Russia. Aaah the races.

Overall an absolutely top class event- there is no doubt in my mind that Dave from King of Queen is going to be one to watch in the future in terms of awesome events.

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