J&B Met Winner Is…

Congrats to J (and Be there!)

This is a cracker! You will be mailed!

1. Sunglass Hut
2. Past Master

3. Why I want to be at the J&B Met 2012.. in rhyme!

Going to the Met..
It’s not just another day to place a bet!

It’s a whole day packed with fun..
besides watching the thoroughbreds run.

To be in the Inner Circle Luxury tent acting on word from my tipster..
would be a far cry from milling around outside with all the hipsters!

I would rock up in style sporting a healthy tan…
Access my voucher and don a new pair of Ray-Bans!

Then onto meeting beautiful people…
there can be no other event that is equal!

Next, onto the delicious canapés…
and of course feeling the odd champagne spray

It will prove to be a day filled with class.. and for that…
You can bet the horses arse!!

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