J&B Met 2011 theme is Larger than Life (no I’m not trying to be clever, it really is)

The J&B Met will be taking place later this month on the 29th January 2011 at the Kenilworth Racecourse and the theme for the country’s biggest racing event is Larger than Life. Enter our competition here.

In short think tall hats, blingy tops, large accessories, stilts and puffy dresses and glitter as some of the main ideas. If you’re really clever maybe do something that picks up on the fact that the theme is also the title of a pop hit from irritating boyband in Backstreet Boys.

If you’re not keen to spend big cash on an outfit for the Met this year, it might be a cost effective and really awesome way to get sorted by asking one of the students at one of Cape Town’s plentiful fashion and design schools or academies to design something at a nominal cost- get going though, its at the end of the month.

The J&B Met is one of the premier events in the the South African social calendar and is an excuse for the whole of Cape Town along with all the country’s who’s who, that have decided to jet in for the day to dress up to the nines and drink themselves into infinity- while hopefully winning some cash. With over 50 000 people in attendance at last year’s event this year’s J&B Met is set to be MASSIVE!

We’re huge fans of horse racing, gambling and drinking here at MyCityByNight and when you throw in the possibility of scantily clad mooiness, there isnt a better reason to get all dressed up and out at the event.

With various hospitality packages on offer, we advise you to go and grab one of these so that you’ll be able to escape the heat on the day and have a few chilled drinks with the cool people… (hope we crack the nod to the ANC hospitality tent this year, goodness- that made the absolutely awesome J&B Jet Lounge look like a walk in the park last year.

For more information visit www.jbmet.co.za


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  1. J&b met its on again , would always love to be one of the hot diva’s on J&B met 2011.


  2. I would love to go to the J&B one day, bt i dont know how to do, if i should apply or what. can i get more info plz. My wish will come true just to see all the Beautifull people of South Africa

    1. All you have to do is go to the event and buy a ticket at the door and you are there!

      It is at the Kenilworth Race Course, in Kenilworth (obviously) hehe, R100 a ticket (or R120) at the door and everything else is there for you inside the event.


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