Jazz comes to the Cape Town city centre with Born to be Black

born to be black

Jazz has also been a consistent feature of the South African landscape with stories of private concerts during Apartheid, forming the foundation of our love for the style of music here. Veteran South African drummer bra Louis Tebogo Moholo-Moholo and his newly formed South African ensemble have made it their purpose to capture the essence and vitality of the rampaging spirit of his old band The Blue Notes, who were synonymous with the movement here in South Africa and overseas back then.

Moholo-Moholo, the last surviving member of the fabled Blue Notes, now in his 70s, will be bringing the music to the people from within the walls of the characteristically quirky TRUE ITALICS  (formally known as Friedas on no 15 Bree St, Cape Town). His beats comprise a sparse chatter of ebb and flow dynamics, combined with raucous fills on bass drum and tom (he’s an amazing skilled drummer). Combining sweet melodrama and old-style dexterity, Moholo-Moholo will lead an ensemble of some of Cape Town’s youngest and brightest musicians, such as Mandisi Dyantis, Mandla Mlangeni, Bhekumuzi Mkwane, and Sebastian Schuster (Germany) in a celebration of the art. The performance will be expanded by an eight horn section, an assortment of sultry vocalists and a rhythm section featuring piano, bass, drums, with Moholo-Moholo as soloist and conductor.

TRUE ITALICS no 15 Bree Street Cape Town. Performance commences at 21h00, tickets will be sold at the door (R80). Bookings and inquiries contact CJ Carol at 021 418 7655 or 072 141 5359, or italic86@gmail.com.

Louis Tebogo Moholo-Moholo

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