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Thanks so much for joining us… We do know how busy things can get on set- just last week we were late for a game of bowls because we were doing behind the scenes stuff on a local… Actually, none of that happened- I panicked and felt like I needed to say something cool.

Jay Anstey- funny you should say that… Last week I was actually early for an event that ended up being the wrong… No.. I’m kidding.. I just also wanted to be cool.

MCBN: You’re one of the stars of the local soapie Isidingo, what is the most difficult thing about being an actress?

The pay! Haha. And having to pretend your in love with someone your definitely not…

You’re also fairly young when compared to the rest of the cast, have you found it a difficult adjustment to make- or have things been relatively smooth sailing?

Super smooth- all the actors are young at heart, in fact some party harder than I do.. 😉

Playing a schoolgirl, must be rather difficult- you’ve got to try and please all the tannies watching out there, by setting a good example for other girls and still try and not seem absolutely lame. Are you happy that your character Charlie is now finally out school and into the real world?

I miss the school uniform! I was home schooled so it was cool to ‘dress up’. But I have no control over how Charlie is portrayed! What the script writers and directors want-I give! But I prefer Charlie to be naughty and unruly… It makes it more fun for me!

The latest story around your character has centered on a case of corrective rape. This is obviously quite a difficult topic to address- did you find it difficult to play the role?

The other actors were asked at the beginning of the year if they were comfortable playing a lesbian role. And I was the only one who agreed. The story was hard but I love playing those sorts of roles, otherwise I’m not challenged as a person or an actor. The message behind the story is close to my heart since all my closest friends are gay! 🙂

What do you consider an ideal night out?

A bonfire, nature, 70’s inspired fashion, fire poi and my guitar.

If you could have 3 people in your crew, dead or alive, who would they be and why?

The 3 musketeers. Cus I can…

Do you think blogs and websites like MyCityByNight have an important role to play in how people in South Africa consume and interpret media?

Yeh, blogs are more predominant than I think magazines are. Unfortunately I try keep myself outta the loop. I’m a nature girl so unless we’re talking about saving the planet my brain shuts off..

What are some of your favourite websites to visit? (You dont’t HAVE to say MyCityByNight by the way)

Ooh. Um….. Accuweather.. So I know what outfit to wear. Haha! On the real-real that faceduster.blogspot (my sisters blog) and www.lookbook.nu

If you weren’t an actress, what could you see yourself doing?

Working at a backpackers in natures valley.. For sure!

I know at least 12 guys that watch Isidingo just because you’re in it. Have you ever had any instances where guys reacted weirdly to your presence like say, picking up your used gum and storing it in a jar?

Wo. That’s intense. Hmm, well a guy once said he’d leave his wife for me.. I was like ‘SALTS’, smiled a little then stopped- cus I realized he wasn’t kidding….

Are there any big projects outside of Isidingo that we can look forward to?

‘Sleepers Wake’ a movie that just made it into Toronto. And another film called ‘Innescapable’ that I shot recently with Marissa Tomei and Joshua Jackson.

What are the qualities you like in a man?

Only god knows. I’m not a relationship person. And I’m not gonna say “he must be charming, and make me laugh..” bla bla.. Cus I’d just be lying! Haha

What is your favourite food?

Mash potato!

Dogs or Cats?


What tune/artist is on rotation on your ipod at the moment?

Of Monsters and Men- love this band. And the new album by “Tallest Man on Earth”.

Now for our infamous MyCityByNight would you rather question-

Would you rather have a drunken Lindsay Lohan play you in a bio-pic about your life OR be forced to attend a 13 year old male fan’s birthday party in a swimming costume.

Lindsay’s gangsta. So option A.

You’ve been a great sport, I’m sure we’ll catch you out for a drink soon! You keep rocking things!

For more of Jay, tune into Isidingo every weeknight at 730pm on SABC3 or follow her on Twitter.

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