Jason Webb represents South Africa at Gatebil 2016

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2 X RSA National Drift Champion Jason Webb (22 from Noordhoek, Cape Town) represented South Africa in front of 35 000 people at the notorious Gatebil Rodskogen event In Norway. Gatebil is know as one of the world’s largest and prestigious drift track days in the world featuring top drift drivers from around the world. Webb stepped up to the plate  and put on an awesome performance in a borrowed car drifting door to door  with the world’s best drivers.  Webb was the only South African driving at the event and was able to drift in tandem with some of the world’s best drivers proving to the rest of the world and himself he has a very bright future in drifting ahead of him.
Gatebil is not a competition but rather a glorified track day where drivers get to got out as much as they like , with whoever they like and push the boundaries of drifting.

Jason Webb: “Drifting on the Rodskogen raceway is like nothing I’ve ever experienced back home in RSA. I was following drivers into drifts at over 150KPH where in South Africa we are hardly ever drifting at speeds of over 100KHP. So to be able to stick with some of the world’s top drivers through high-speed drifts was an incredible and really opened my eyes as to what’s possible in a drift car. The experience was something I’d never forget and I hope to be able to bring back some what I’ve learned to take my driving to the next level back in RSA. I was also awesome to have top drivers I’ve always dreamt of meeting come up to me and congratulate me on my sessions out on track. I would say Gatebil is a crucial event for any up and coming drifter who is trying to be noticed and make it on a global level.

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