Jason Statham In A Movie About Giant Sharks?!

Take our money! We're going to see THE MEG as soon as it's out!

We’d heard some rumours that Jason Statham was going to be starring in a movie where he battles a 75 foot shark that cost the movie company something like $150 million but didn’t believe them because, well, it sounded ridiculous. We are now pleased to confirm that the rumours are in fact true and that the movie is going to be called ‘The Meg’ (because that’s what surfers would obviously call a big shark).

Without any further ado – here’s the first trailer for “The Meg”:


Yeah, look, that looks pretty kak and you don’t even get to properly see what the shark looks like (and also what does the giant squid have to anything – is he also in the movie?!). Maybe the next trailer will be better (we hope)

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