Jarne Verbruggen’s New Skate Video Is Straight Fire

Jarne Verbruggen’s New Skate Video Is Straight Fire


Jarne Verbruggen -remember the name. This dude is one of the many skaters out there that have been absolutely shredding it in their Youtube videos in recent months and after watching his latest offerings it feels like we’ve uncovered one of the next biggest things in the sport. He’s a native hailing from Belgium who has penchant for putting together some really off the charts tricks including some gravity-defying wall rides and hill bombs.

The dude has mad skills and will more than likely go on to be one of the greats if he keeps landing insane tricks and getting massive air like he does in this skate video. We may have just found our favourite skate video of 2016, thanks to Jarne Verbruggen.

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