Japanese Dinosaur Prank is pretty hilarious

japanese dinosaur-scare-prank

There have been quite a few incredible pranks surfacing on the internet of late, including the likes of this compilation of dinosaur related scenes and people reactions from a Japanses prank show. We assume that Japanese people are generally quite terrified by reptiles, one just has to think back to the carnage that Godzilla wreaked on the country in the past to understand why (Godzilla was a real thing right?). Well, at least that’s the logical explanation for why when they were chased by what seemed to be a Velociraptor they literally lost their minds.

Although the prank definitely showcases the pure level of madness that is exhibited on most Japanese game-shows, it does show a very strong committment to the ethos of a good prank. Other than the fact that you can kind of see the dude’s legs under the dino outfit, the situation lends to everyone being super terrified, which is always funny to watch. Yes you might be sitting there going, so what, big deal right? Listen… it’s a normal day at the office and out of nowhere comes a fucking crazed Velociraptor – which is supposed to be extinct – that is INSANE.

Great prank!


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