Japan Week SA 2014 at Sandton City

Kay-Leigh O Yamaha Music

Since I made the move up Jozi I’ve come to realise that people here really, really like to shop. One of Africa’s most prestigious and sorted shopping centres is adding a bit of entertainment to list of things to keep you happy from 26 – 31 March 2014, as Japan Week 2014 kicks off.

Yamaha Music will showcase their latest instruments, including silent drums and keyboards, with a special live performance by Dutch pianist Peter Baartmans who will do a mixture of classical jazz and pop using the new age kit and one from Kay-Leigh O lives, who is a Jozi resident who has had music in her blood since the tender age of 8 years when she started playing piano. The duo is scheduled to perform at 11h00 on Saturday, 29th March and Sunday, 30th March, while Peter Baartmans will also perform at 14h00, and 16h00 on both days.

Music isn’t the only focus of Japan Week with the likes of top architecture, artistic body painting, fascinating nail art, innovative hair products, home appliances, sportswear, personal computers, outdoor equipment, cameras, film, electronics, automotive, as well as appearances by the beloved Hello Kitty character and Nintendo’s renowned brothers Mario and Luigi all incorporated into this event.

Japan Week is sponsored by the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), a governmental agency designed to promote trade and investment between Japan and the rest of the world, which I’m totally cool with – they really do make a bunch of cool stuff.

To find out more about Japan Week visit www.facebook.com/JapanWeekSA

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