Japan + Innovation = A hotel for the Dead

I am constantly amazed by some of the things I find when browsing the net. Case in point a Hotel established to house the dead. The Japanese government had been struggling to deal with a rising death rate and overbooked crematoriums until some rather entrepreneurial peeps set up Hotel Lastel.

This hotel is offering rooms with refrigerated coffins where stiffs can go chill as they wait in line for the crematorium. Hotel Lastel is charging $157 a day, and with the death rate expected to rise in Japan in the coming years as a result of the continually aging population, that price is said to increase.

Apparently its fairly easy to open a dead people hotel in Japan with no licenses or mandatory qualifications needed. By comparison the US requires funeral entrepreneurs to study for three years as well as completing a stint as an apprentice before regulators consider handing out a license. Wonder if this will catch on in SA, especially with the hard time we’re having in the mortuaries.

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